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Department Information
Mechatronics Engineering (English)
Language English
Program Director Prof.Dr. Cihan KARATAŞ
Program Time (Year) 4
Max.Program Time (Year) 7
Program Quota 70
Internships Status Have
.Graduate Degree Mechatronıcs Engıneer
ÖSYM type MF4
When considering recent developments in technology, it is seen that Mechatronics Engineering has led to an increase in the functions of the machines in our environment, to be more efficient and to be smart. As a consequence of this, mechatronics engineering has emerged as a new branch of engineering, which includes many different engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electronics and computer engineering. Mechatronics engineers take an active role in many areas from design to production; At the same time, they try to provide the most productive, most functional product. The Mechatronics Engineering Department of University of Turkish Aeronautical Association, started to accept students firstly at 2012-2013.
Qualification Awarded
This program gives education at undergraduate levels .

Admission Requirements
General admission requirements stated under Info on the Institution on this website are being applied to start this programme.

Higher Grade Transition
Students who are succeeded from the undergraduate education continues to master’s, doctorate or integrated doctorate programme if they get enough points from ALES exam, succeeded from foreign language tests and pass the interview exams.

Graduation Requirements
The Sufficiency conditions are given in.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
The graduates of Mechatronics Engineering program can continue their education in leading university for Masters or Ph.D. programs. Students who prefer to work in the industry can work in many different areas including automotive, aerospace and defense industries. Another means of employment for the Mechatronics Engineering graduates is to establish their own start-up companies that could specialize in unmanned air vehicles, mobile robots or education mechatronics fields.

Assessment and Grading
The details are given in the "Associate and Bachelor s Degree Education and Examination Regulations" in the section of "Assessment, Notes, Success Assessment, Double Major and Minor Programs, Graduate and Diploma". Performance evaluation for the courses are based on the exam, quiz, homework and project activities and contribution of the method is determined by the instructor.